Country Life: The Home Garden and The “Pea Debacle”

I would definitely say good neighbors add to the quality of the country living experience. Ever since we moved to the country our gracious neighbors have given us many vegetables from their home garden. Late yesterday he called me up to tell me his well ran dry. He asked if we could water a portion of the garden since our well is still active. I got up the next morning and connected hoses to our water supply so that he could water his runner peas. To our surprise our neighbor said that we can have all the peas we water. (You got to love the country life)

Immediately two separate and distinct thoughts entered my mind. (Being a guy having the two thoughts at once was amazing in itself) The first thought was that the peas were such a blessing. We just started canning for the first time and could use some additional vegetables. The second thought was not as pleasant. I have very few memories before the age of 5, one of them being what I refer to now as the pea debacle. When I was four I recall my grandmother preparing a bowl of only peas for me to eat for dinner. At the moment it seemed that it would take me years to eat this large bowl of peas especially since I did not like them.

My grandmother walked away from the dinner table and left me alone with my mortal enemy the bowl of peas. I came up with a brilliant idea but I had to be quick. I figured that I could pour the bowl of peas behind the refrigerator and pretend to have eaten them. So I did my work quickly and hid the peas and sat back at the table with my spoon in my hand pretending that I just finished my last bite as she walked back in the room. For a moment she looked at my empty bowl in confusion. Suddenly she began looking around in disbelief, apparently my disappearing pea trick had not yet been perfected. She found them behind the refrigerator. It is okay to laugh as I have mostly healed from the spanking I received when she found out what I did. Mostly emotional scars still left.

Today I am still not a huge fan of peas, however we will can the peas and be thankful for the gift from our neighbors. I am sure that my wife will trust me alone with the peas at dinner time as our refrigerator is built into our cabinets. If I am trustworthy only time will tell. The real test is if my oldest son that will turn four this winter will have the same brilliant idea as his daddy. I guess for now the smell of peas will fill our country home.

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