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During your free in-person consultation, our customer service rep will hand select one of our top designers to meet with you for a complimentary consult.

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We offer a range of packages, from advice and shopping services to full-on overhauls. Our designers bring an unparalleled level of expertise and will work with you to create a beautiful space.

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Let us do the installation and make your life easy! Purchasing. Ordering, shipping, receiving…and inspecting. Please contact us to schedule an advisory consultation.

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The Top Seven Power Tools You Must Own

While everyone has their needs and preferences, there are several power tools that are typically ...

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The 7 Essential Woodworking Hand Tools For the Galoot In Training

First off, a definition. A Galoot is someone who favors the use of antique or antique-styled hand tools ...

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Choosing The Right Paint

For those who have a piece of art job that needs to get done among the first questions you’ll ...

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Country Life: The Home Garden and The “Pea Debacle”

I would definitely say good neighbors add to the quality of the country living experience. Ever since ...

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Fixing Broken Wood Screws & Stripped Heads

Drywall and decking screws can often be driven without a pilot hole in softwood but when they break ...

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OPB & Suze Orman

Last night, we tuned into Oregon Public Broadcasting (OPB) and caught Suze Orman’s pledge drive show. ...

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The Hydraulic Floor Jack vs. the Bottle Jack

While most cars come equipped with a standard scissor jack, you want a more robust tool if you are ...

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